Get Ready for the Holidays with Botox or Fillers

Beauty – It’s Skin Deep

Beauty, we’re told, is only skin deep. While that’s true, and you can’t have a beautiful outside without a beautiful inside, feeling as though you look your best is important to living a vibrant, healthy life. With the holidays upon us and social events galore, it’s a great time to take care of yourself – treat yourself – to looking your beautiful best.

For the Holidays and Beyond!

As we go into the stressful holiday season, it’s the perfect time to schedule an hour or two just for you, so you can luxuriate in the opportunity to express who you are on the inside outwardly. Fillers will help erase the effects of time from your face and help you put your best face forward. What better holiday gift than allowing yourself to shine during this season of light?

What Do Botox and Fillers Do?

We’ve all seen advertisements for Botox, which is one of the first anti-aging dermal filler treatments available. Now, in addition to Botox, there are other fillers available, including:

  • Dysport
  • Xeomin

Each of these, including Botox, has suggested uses, but Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are especially effective for eliminating wrinkles and lines around the eye area. They target:

  • The wrinkles between your eyes or 11 lines
  • Forehead wrinkles or worry lines
  • The wrinkles beside your eyes or crow’s feet

VERSATM is a relatively new dermal filler option. With it, you can choose to:

  • Soften your marionette lines or the lines beside your mouth that move downward, toward your jaw
  • Revive the soft, full, juicy lips of your youth
  • Plump out the hollow areas under your eyes

All of these options are good ones, depending on what area or concern you most want to treat.

How Do Fillers Work?

Getting fillers doesn’t have the stigma it once did. In fact, getting fillers is mainstream. It’s the second most popular cosmetic, nonsurgical procedure in the US. The process of getting fillers is straightforward. During your consultation for fillers, your clinician will:

  • Take a thorough medical history
  • Discuss allergies
  • Ask about your goals
  • Recommend a specific filler for you

Your provider may also show you where the injections will be given and take a “before” picture.

During the filler appointment, your clinician will:

  • Clean the area
  • Perhaps use a topical cream or lotion anesthetic
  • Inject fillers in the agreed-upon areas using a fine needle

The procedure can take as long as an hour or as little as a few minutes.

There are some risks involved, the most common of which are bruising or swelling around the injection site. Your provider will go over the risks with you before your procedure.

Where Can I Find A Great Provider?

Dr. Christine Schiller, DNP FNP, clinician at Healthy Living Medical Clinic in the Palm City, FL area, offers facial aesthetic services including Botox and other fillers. Dr. Schiller has more than 25 years of experience in the medical field in various areas, including pediatrics, emergency medicine, primary care hormone replacement, weight loss, and facial aesthetics. Her goal is to provide high-quality care centered around you, the patient. She provides concierge-level care without concierge prices. To make an appointment, call 772-485-2970 or email so Christine can help you look your holiday best!

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